COVID-19 Updates – 16 Sep 2021

Online COVID-19 Declaration Form 在线安全管理措施表格

COVID-19 Declaration Form Print Out (Lesson) 安全管理措施表格(实践课)

COVID-19 Declaration Form Print Out (Practical Driving Test) 安全管理措施表格 (实践考车)

Due to COVID-19, the Traffic Police stipulates that every private driving instructor who wants to continue their business must have a personal Safe Entry QR Code for students to scan. Using this system allows businesses to verify user identity with data from Government sources to facilitate their contact tracing work should the need arise.

If you do not like to use the Safe Entry QR Code, you can download the Safe Management Measure Form from the Singapore Driving Instructors’ Association website and record the health information of the students at every class as the alternate form of tracing. Alternatively, you may also use the online form with your mobile phone or student’s mobile phone to enter the record.

The Safe Entry QR Code sample below has been issued to all private driving instructors by Singapore Driving Instructors’ Association as early as 22 June 2020. The students would be able to see your name upon scanning. To better support contact tracing efforts, remember to ensure that all students scan the Safe Entry QR Code every time you teach. The TraceTogether programme is a programme to enhance Singapore’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing.

This QR code is for your student to scan when the student is by your side at that moment.

All Private Driving Instructors Please Note: For everyone’s safety, each student must scan your QR Code before the class; after which you will see your name displayed on the student’s mobile phone. If it has been misplaced, it can be reissued. Please call 9666 3369 for further enquiries.

由于 COVID-19,交警规定每位想要继续其业务的 私人教车指导员都必须拥有个人 Safe Entry 二维码供学生扫描。使用该系统,企业可以使用来自政府来源的数据验证用户身份,以在需要时促进其接触者追踪工作。

如果您不喜欢使用 Safe Entry 二维码,您可以从新加坡驾驶指导员公会网站下载安全管理措施表格,并记录毎节课学生的健康信息,作为替代的追踪方式。或者,您也可以使用手机或学生手机上的在线表格输入记录。

新加坡驾驶指导员公会早在 2020 年 6 月 22 日就已向所有 私人教车指导员发放了以下 Safe Entry二维码样本。学生扫描后即可看到您的姓名。为了更好地支持接触者追踪工作,请记住确保所有学生在每次教学时都扫描 Safe Entry 二维码。 TraceTogether 计划旨在加强新加坡通过社区驱动的接触者追踪来减轻 COVID-19 传播的努力。


所有的私人教车指导员请注意:为了大家的安全,每位学员上课之前一定要扫你的二维码;之后你会看到学员的手机上显示你的名字。如果遗失了,可以补发。请打电话咨询 9666 3369。

And this QR code is to prove that your health is not affected by the epidemic, so you have to apply for it yourself.


The car of the private driving instructor need not be installed with isolating transparent cover, as long as you spend 5 minutes disinfecting it before and at the end of work every day. Start the engine, turn on the car’s air conditioner, spray disinfectant in the car, and close the door for 5 minutes. We would not stop you if you would prefer to install the isolating transparent cover. The designated disinfection products are shown as below.